How do you like your windows?

Options & Accessories

Make the most of light

Scratch-resistant, 16mm double glazed, easy-clean windows in attractive designs allow natural light into your garage.

Each style is available with clear, frosted or opaque glazing. The window units are fitted with a polyurethane frame that is coloured to match or compliment the panel colour of the door.

Window options

Cross mullion
Multiple mullion
Multiple mullion
Rhombus mullion
Rhombus mullion
Rectangle type 1
Rectangle type 1
Rectangle type 2
Rectangle type 2**
Rectangle type 3
Rectangle type 3*
Square type 1
Square type 1*
Square type 2
Square type 2*

** Available on standard ribbed, Centre ribbed and solid profile doors only.

* Available on Solid profile doors only. Round is shown in stainless steel and is also available in polycarbonate.

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