Features & Benefits

Safe performance garage doors
Low noise operation
Low noise operation

Robust roller blocks made of galvanized steel and ball bearing runner rails guarantee a long service life and low noise operation.

Direct drive
Direct Drive

Big doors need power and our direct drive motors are definitely up to the job! Intelligent control ensures safe operation at all times.

Saftey edge mechanism
Safety Edge Mechanism

Doors are factory fitted with a safety edge mechanism which stops the door if it comes into contact with an obstacle.

Side protection
Side Protection

A lateral guard prevents a hand from being accidentally caught between the frame and the runner rail.

Weather strips
Weather Strips

The door is also has a weather strip at the sides, top and also between the individual sections across the entire width.

Finger pinch protection outside/inside
Finger pinch protection outside/inside

Patented finger pinch protection for outside and inside of the door.

Floor seal
Floor Seal

A rot-proof bottom weather strip made of elastic EPDM rubber profile sits against the floor and will compensate for minor variations in floor level to provide an improved barrier to debris and draughts.

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