Technical Information

Installation Dimensions Side Hinged Doors

Performance features EN 13241-1 for Declaration of Performance

Heat Insulation (DIN EN ISO 12428) NPD
Air permeability (DIN EN 12426) NPD
Resistance to wind load (DIN EN 12424) Class 2
Resistance to water penetration (DIN EN 12425) NPD
Fire behaviour (DIN EN 4102) NPD

Teckentrup side hinged doors are manufactured to high standards and it is always our intention to market our products in an honest fashion. The above table is shown to illustrate that we make no performance claims that can be measured against the identified standards. Whilst our door panels have a rigid foam core, the hollow section frame and the attachment of hardware act as a thermal bridge between the inner and outer surface and, as such, we make no claims for insulating properties.

Door dimensions

The section height and the height of the handle ‘x’ depend on the actual door height and construction of the door.

Door height Height of the sections Dimension X (handle)
2375 mm 469 mm 1140 mm
2250 mm 556 mm 1035 mm
2125 mm 523 mm 985 mm
2000 mm 493 mm 935 mm
1875 mm 469 mm 1140 mm

Tech specs

Georgian Doors

Horizontal doors have 2 columns of features as standard arranged 1/2 - 1/2, changing to an asymmetric three columns at the width shown right. 1/2 - 1/2 vertical doors have 2 rows of features as standard changing to three at the height shown right.

Georgian door tech specs

Minimum width Georgian single leaf 850mm, double leaf 1350mm


All our side hinged garage doors are manufactured with the greatest of care on the basis of many years of industry experience.

2-year manufacturer’s guarantee

  • against mechanical defect (opening/closing max. 5 times a day)

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee

  • on panels against rust penetration from inside to outside
  • against door panel separation of steel from foam
  • on material and manufacturing flaws of all non-moving parts of the frame that are verifiably unusable or whose usability is substantially compromised
  • on floor seal, centre seals, side seals and header seal against rotting

Coastal applications

The guarantee does not apply to doors which are subjected to extreme conditions, e.g. corrosive influences resulting from use in a coastal climate with high salt content.

Dark colours

Please Note: Where doors are exposed to direct sunlight, dark colours should be avoided. Dark coloured doors may undergo expansion due to heat absorption and this can affect the doors performance whilst in an expanded state. Such instances are not covered by the guarantee, however normal performance will return when the door has cooled.

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