Solid Profile Panel

The spacious elements have their own aesthetic appeal which lends the architecture a modern character.

Solid Horizontal side-hinged garage door Solid Vertical side-hinged garage door Solid Panel Detail

Available textures: Plain, Stucco, Micro-profile and Woodgrain

Trend colours:

Trend colours are selected shades that have generally come to be considered as the most popular colours for garage doors. The colours are held as coated steel from which door panels are made to order. The process for creating the coloured steel involves coating the steel at the mill during rolling. As a result the finish is very uniform and has a low gloss finish.

Blazing Red
RAL 3000
Anthracite Grey
Moss Green
Fir Green
Quartz Grey
Light Grey
Window Grey
Sepia Brown
Grey Aluminium
Creamy White
White Aluminium
Deep Black
Steel Blue
Umbra Grey
Special satin metallic effect – TT 703
Grey with micaceous iron ore particles.

RAL/BS colours:

Choose from over 1,000 colours!

If the colour you require is not available as a Trend colour, we are able to coat our standard panels to a RAL or BS colour. For doors coloured in this way, doors are made and cut to size from white panels and then sprayed to the required colour.

The spraying process is of a very high standard but will not be as uniform as the pre-coated steel of Trend coloured doors. Any variations in sheen or density will, however, be minor and may only be visible at very close proximity or at oblique angles in strongy directional light. Effects of this nature should not be discernible from a distance of 3 metres - a standard set by the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation).

The surface finish is low gloss and it is customary to only colour the outer surface of the door, however the inner face can be coated to match as an optional extra.

PAINTED wood-effect finishes

The beauty of wood with the technical advantages of steel;
offering better scratch resistance & UV stability

The wood effect shades will sit alongside wooden architecture harmoniously, but are resistant, durable and easy to maintain. A UV-resistant surface provides long-lasting protection from weather conditions. The mitred door leaf frame and door frame are finished in a complimentary flat colour; for Golden Oak (RAL8003), Rosewood (RAL8016) and Night Oak (RAL8014).

Wood-effect: Golden Oak, Rosewood and Night Oak

Important notes on Colour matching

The door frame colour shade and surface lustre will show a variance from the panel finish as the base material and coating methods are different. Where differing materials and process are adopted, such as side hinged GSW 40L garage doors, their maybe some colour matching variations. Differing light conditions may further reduce or highlight this effect. The colours RAL9006 and 9007 pose particular problems when colour matching, more information is available via the sales office.

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