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Safe, secure and stylish

A Harley parked on our sectional door panels.

Strength & Security

Probably the best security solution in domestic garage doors

TUV Nord Certification

CarTeck sectional GSW40 sectional doors have 40mm thick panels, constructed of an outer and inner steel skin separated by a foamed in place core, ideal for thermal and acoustic applications. This construction gives your door tremendous rigidity and resultant strength, these properties combine to give you probably the best security solution in domestic garage doors.

The strength of the door panel itself is augmented by the lifting gear which utilises the fact that the door operates in sections that have at least 10 rollers holding the sections firmly within the track system when the door is locked securely behind our 2 point manual locking mechanism.

Automation in action


The ultimate solution is to use a CarTeck electric opener with remote control. When fitted to a CarTeck GSW40 with sectional door (without windows) the TUV Nord burglary certificate is achieved giving you the ultimate piece of mind.

The opportunist thief is probably our greatest enemy. Wondering our streets looking for the weak points of our homes and all to willing to take advantage. He or she is looking for handles to smash or locks to break. CarTeck offers one other unique device in this battle. When and external release mechanism is fixed to a CarTeck door is is discretely hidden from sight behind the doors logo in the top left hand side of the door; it is this kind of detail that makes CarTeck such a great product.

Secure break-in protection
Secure break-in protection:

An electronic push-open security device stops unwanted visitors.

Emergency release
Emergency release:

The optional emergency release set enables you to open the door even in the event of a power failure.

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