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Safe, secure and stylish

Safety – where the CarTeck range really excels

The single biggest reason YOU SHOULD CHOSE CARTECK for you new garage door

All GSW/GSA and GSH CarTeck sectional doors operate on the same lifting gear and we believe it is the use of extension springs concealed high up in trays with covers, out of the reach of little fingers that best meets the needs of a family environment.

Extra protection photo cell S-630
Now available with extra special protection – the new, optional photo cell S-630
  • The safe extra for all the family
  • Stops the door immediately when the light beam is broken
  • When the door is closed, the transmitter and receiver are not visible, and protected against damage
  • Simple clip assembly, also for retrofitting
Interior and exterior finger protection
Interior and exterior finger pinch protection:

Patented finger pinch protection on the inside of the door prevents injuries. Perfectly fitting sections: The individual sections are interconnected by low-wear galvanized steel hinges which boost door safety.

Hand protection
Hand protection:

Protection at the side of the door prevents a hand from being accidentally caught between the frame and guide rail.

Extra safe
Double protection for a safer garage door

The multiple spring system on both sides of the runner rail compensates the weight of the door perfectly in every situation. Furthermore, the double suspension cables on each side provide added safety. This ensures that the door leaf does not fall down and can still be opened and closed even if a cable or spring breaks.


A dry and boring subject... or is it?

We live in a very litigious society and I need to be able to demonstrate to you that we have a quality product. Teckentrup has not only invested in the design and ultimately the build quality of its doors, it has also invested in getting you independent third party verification that the claims it makes meet the standards required to make these claims.

So here they are:

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