Benefits & Features

Safe, secure and stylish

Keeps out the weather and reduces noise transmission

Transform your garage from a draughty, dusty box into another usable room!

All CarTeck sectional doors have 40mm thick panels, constructed of an outer and inner steel skin separated by a foamed in place core, ideal for thermal and acoustic applications. Combine this with super efficient seals strategically placed around the door and your left with a draught-proof barrier against the elements allowing you to make the most of your garage.

Central seals
Central seals:

Seals are fitted between the individual sections of the door across the entire width for overall door.

Side seals
Side seals:

An edge seal on both sides ensures optimum insulation and sealing.

Floor seal
Floor seal:

Non-perishable floor seal made of elastic, anti-frost EPDM rubber profile compensates any unevenness in the floor and offers protection from the cold and dampness.

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