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Safe, secure and stylish sectional garage doors

We have put together a gallery of our installations, to help you choose the perfect sectional garage door for your home. This is only a very small showcase sample of the vast array of styles, finishes and colour combinations we have available, to see the full spectrum of choices including sizes see our sectional garage doors sizes and configurations pages.

Click on a thumbnail to view an image in full. Image groups will show up in a 'Lightbox' where you can browse through all of the images easily.

Our most recent installations

Take a look at some of the last garage door installations:

Georgian Panel Garage Doors

The Georgian panel sectional garage door creates a stunning and elegant addition to your home. The combination of beautiful wood grain finish and prominent but elegant cassette elements makes this garage door a timeless classic. As standard this sectional garage door looks impressive however you can add a luxurious touch with a variety of glazing options.

Ribbed Garage Doors

The ribbed sectional garage door is the perfect balance between functionality and elegance. With the horizontal ‘ribs’ through the sections it is easy to see how this door has become so popular against other types of sectional garage doors.

Un-ribbed Garage Doors

Un-ribbed means that there are no lines (or ribs) within each of the sections that make up the garage door. The overall effect makes for a simplistic, modern and minimalistic garage door that would suit any modern property.

Centre ribbed Garage Doors

The centre ribbed sectional garage door combines practicality with grace and accentuates any property from modern to more traditional builds. With the attractive single ‘rib’ running horizontally through the centre of each of the sections this door is difficult to beat when it comes to simplistic style.

Glazing Options

The photographs highlight the versatility of these garage doors and how changing the shape of the glazing can affect the overall appearance of the sectional garage door. Emphasize and enhance your garage door with attractive square, rectangular or porthole windows.

Look at the clearance!

These photographs demonstrate the space that a sectional garage door will give you. Unlike other doors on the market the sectional garage doors from Teckentrup does not require a doorframe, which increases the width of the drive through. Extra space on either side of the car is extremely beneficial to those vehicle owners who have to park large cars, vans or 4x4’s.

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