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Where do we start with this one?

Maximise your driveway and garage space

It could simply be being able to park your car right up to the door panel, because with no “out swing” of the panel due to vertical operation of the door your car is safe from the dreaded "thump" of that old 'up & over'; but that's nothing to the possibility of knowing what to do with that extra 18/24 or 36 inches that you gain on the length of your drive because you can actually park right up to the door panel; you might have the ultimate convenience now of being able to park 2 cars on you drive as apposed to “hanging the back end” of the second car on to the pavement in front of your house.

It could be being able to operate your new door with the convenience of a CarTeck electric operator, especially good on wet rainy nights when it's dark. The convenience of a door that opens at the touch of a button is one that once enjoyed is never forsaken again.

Wireless remote
Wireless indoor remote

Wireless remote for the greatest operating convenience. Simple installation, without cables (also in connection with key-operated switch C-314).

Handheld remote

The transmitter ”D 323“ – is powered via a car cigarette lighter

Car remote

The electric drive with remote control allows you to open and close the garage door from the comfort of your car. A big plus when it is raining, cold or dark. Standard delivery with a 2-channel handheld transmitter.

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