The perfect garage door – CarTeck Sectional Garage Door

CarTeck sectional garage doors offer the maximum diversity of
designs and fittings to cater for every type of property

  • Extra special protection
    Extra special protection stops the door immediately

    Stops the door immediately
    when the light beam is broken

  • Fast, convenient automation
    Fast garage door automation

    50% faster than conventional drives with reliable drive technology

  • Design inspiration
    Visit the garage door gallery

    Take a look at our gallery of different styles and installations

  • Safe, Stylish and Secure
    Carteck garage doors are safe and easy to use

    CarTeck sectional garage doors are designed to be safe and easy to use

What is a sectional garage door?

As the name suggests the garage door panel is divided into sections. These sections are comprised of separate horizontal hinged panels. The sections travel vertically by means of multiple rollers within a track. As the sections are hinged the entire garage door rises upwards, through a tight curve and comes to rest in the garage ceiling space parallel to the garage floor.

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Why buy a Sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors are fast becoming the door of choice for many homeowners as they solve many of the common problems we have all experienced with the traditional ‘up & over’ garage door. The top three reasons why sectional garage doors are better than the rest:

  1. Firstly, as the garage door travels through a track at not point does the door go through the opening this means you can park your car right up to the garage door. This not only means that you can use every inch of driveway space in front of the garage door, there is also no risk of the door swinging out and hitting your car, or indeed any people standing by the front of the door. No door frame is required either which also increases width of the drive through. Due to the fact that the garage door travels through a tight curve, it means that relatively very little wall space is taken up by the garage door when it is in the open position; so you can still shelve out your garage to your heart's content!
  2. Secondly because of the construction of sectional garage doors they have tremendous rigidity and strength, these properties combine to give you, we believe, the best security solution there is in domestic garage doors.
  3. Thirdly, sectional garage doors are the easiest of any other type of door to automate.

So why buy a Sectional Garage Door from The Teckentrup dept?

CarTeck Sectional Garage Doors from Teckentrup outclass other competitors on a number of performance levels specifically:

    Firstly and MOST IMPORTANTLY. Safety comes as standard with our sectional garage doors. Our springing system is completely concealed high up out of harms way, which is essential if you have children whose inquisitive nature means little fingers can find their way into everything. Our garage doors all come with interior and exterior finger pinch protection to prevent injury.
    All CarTeck sectional doors have 40mm thick double-skinned steel panels. In between the outer and inner skins there is a rigid insulating foam. This unique multi layered design results in our doors being tremendously robust and rigid making it extremely difficult for burglars to break through.
    Due to the aforementioned special foam our doors are effective at helping keeping out the wind, weather and reducing noise transmission. At a time where we are all striving to save energy, for both our pockets and the environment our sectional garage doors are the perfect heat insulating solution.
    Due to the superior materials, precision manufacturing and constant quality checks we can GUARANTEE reliability and long service life. This makes our sectional garage doors a worthwhile investment for every homeowner.
    All drives match the door, are tamper proof, open and close the door quietly and smoothly and there is special automatic cut off that makes it extra safe when children are playing nearby. All our sectional garage doors can be fitted with remote control operators to make the very best of your door.
    We have garage door specialists across the whole country who are committed to superior customer service. They can provide a FREE no obligation survey, deliver, install and maintain your sectional garage door complete with personal after sales support.
    Design your new sectional garage door according to your wishes its highly likely we will be able to meet your requirements! You have a choice of various styles, designs, surfaces, in access of 200 colours, glazing elements and a whole pile of optional extras to play with.

How to buy a sectional garage door from Teckentrup

We understand that buying a new garage door is a very important decision, it adds so much value to the kerbside appeal of your house and is such a great investment that you want to get it right. So much choice can be a little overwhelming, so to help you through the process of deciding on your perfect garage door we have created a step by step guide to make sure that you have considered all the possibilities.

  1. Choose a style
    Consider if you want to bring attention to your garage door and go for a style that makes it a feature to your house or if you would like it to blend in with the appearance of your home. Whether your home has a traditional classic facade to ultra modern there is sectional garage door to match. Select from unribbed, centre ribbed, ribbed, Georgian panel styles.
  2. Choose a finish
    There are four different finishes to choose from for your sectional garage door, all of which can be combined with the style and colour of your choice.
  3. Decide on colour or a wood design
    There are over 1,000 colours or 3 wood designs to choose from.
  4. Automation colour or a wood design
    Automation is standard with our sectional garage doors however choose from accessories to create automation that fits your specific requirements.
  5. Find your nearest installer
    You can either:

    • Locate an installer online – for a hassle free, no obligation sectional garage door survey and quotation
    • Take our Self-survey – take the measurements yourself and fill out our short on line form and one of our sectional garage door specialists will be in touch
    • Visit our showroom – for a ‘hands on’ look at a selection of our products and receive specialist support and advice.

You intentionally will not be able to purchase your new sectional garage door directly from the website. This is because unlike other garage door companies, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first by ensuring they receive the very best in customer service. We believe in a local dedicated garage door service where your garage door specialist is on hand to see you through the whole process from initial survey and quote to installation and maintaining your garage door.

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