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28th June 2011

Garage door specialist Garage Door Workshop’s Mike Reilly contacted Teckentrup with a simple request:

Four ribbed sectional doors all in a line on a slope – each door 100mm lower than the next with a 100mm slope across each opening. Each door rib must line up with the next door and, just to make things even more interesting, doors and operators must fit into just 140mm of headroom!

Quite a challenge! – Four Carteck Golden Oak sectional doors each with a sloping bottom panel and the largest door a full 400mm higher at its bottom corner were duly delivered with their operators to site in Bedfordshire. With such a unique application the Teckentrup team were on hand to assist with the installation.

The result? Perfection! The headroom was easy with Carteck requiring only 115mm including the opener. The sloping bottom panels were no less straightforward, although watching each door go in was nerve-wracking with final door completing the line up exactly.

A delighted client and customer and another example of matchless expertise, service and commitment from the Teckentrup team and their exceptional Carteck sectional garage doors.

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