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Laport Garage Doors

Laport Garage Doors

49a Uttoxeter Old Road

Tel: 01332 290675

Website: http://www.laport.co.uk/

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About Laport Garage Doors

Laport was started in 1986 to fill a need for specialist garage door installation for the rapidly expanding market and product ranges appearing at that time. Customers were householders, self-builders, building contractors, developers and specifiers. Additionally, considerable consultation and detailed information has been provided to architects and planners since inception.

Suffice to say that there was a huge demand for the supply and installation of quality garage doors expertly fitted and therefore growth was rapid. Automation was offered from the start and has increasingly become the norm. During 2002 it was decided to offer services in the same way for automated gates.

We have:

  • A showroom
  • CarTeck Sectional Garage Doors on display
Laport Garage Doors

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