June 17th, 2010


Day 5 Base Camp Altrincham

The boys are now over half way, 5 days down, 4 more to go. We met up with them last night and they are in good spirits and looking really well (apart from a few burnt noses and some very amusing tan lines on arms / feet /arms and legs!) Poor Anthony is a bit under the weather, we’re not sure whether it’s the diet of energy drinks and bars or some sort of bug. We have left them with most of boots pharmacy counter so hopefully he will start improving soon.

Yesterday the cycled through Bolton, which being their own stamping ground they thoroughly enjoyed especially when they were met by one of the neighbours waving a Scotland flag!

Jim mentioned that they had been past a couple of schools where the children had all been outside cheering them on and said it had been fantastic, they almost felt like celebrities!

What was potentially a very long and hard 2 days the boys said was no problem at all and they felt very strong (I did smother a snigger at this point!) James Cracknell who has part organised the ride is now injured and not riding!! These rowers are such wimps!

Hats off to all those involved though,  our boys finished at 3.45 yesterday but there were still people being clapped over the line at 7.30 last night. Just imagine 12 hours on a bike.

We will see them again tomorrow (Friday) down in Cheddar before making our way to the finishing line at Lands End on Sunday.

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June 14th, 2010

Up early off to you know where! This regime is really paying dividends.Anyway the skys are blue and Ben Nevis is bathed in sun wow!

Now today’s ride is huge by any measure. They’ve decided to let the slower ones out the gate first today hopefully giving them more time to complete the 130 miles and 10000ft agregated climb. Seems like a plan, so off they toddle at 6am! More later.

Today was massive for me. Scottish with what seems like 649 fellow English riders all moaning about Scottish weather, Scottish midges, Scottish wind and just generally Scotland (hard to argue given the weather and midges) so to hear these same guys and girls cooing about the views as we trawled along Loch Linnhe over the Ballachulish bridge, looking at the most incredible views made me so proud. The sky was blue and the Lochs were like mirrors. This part of the world is full of brilliant memories for me and I was elated that our final day in the Highlands rewarded us with a stunner.

The day warmed as we headed through Glen Coe usually an eerie place at the best of times but today even mountains that are usually foreboding seemed to be in their Sunday best as we toiled up and down the Glen.

This brought us down to Loch Lomond which although is one of Scotlands jewels, our legs were tiring and the roads were becoming busier.

The final stage of the day a mere 50 miles Sunday traing ride (after all we had just conquered Glen Coe) was going to be a simple spin to base camp, mmmmm.

Again I think this is about mind sets. On the last 30 miles it was a continual up and down chase round the south Glasgow countryside. The speedo says 25 miles your head says just one more hill. The top of the hill and the speedo says 24.5 miles to go and your head screams surely not. This leg I suspected truly crushed a lot of riders. For many they had gone further than they had ever gone, before they got to the end of Loch Lomond and thought that’s it and switched off, mistake!

Anyway back to the early starters because by our reckoning these guys have been cycling for 14-15 hours! And do you know what we’ve got another 130 miles to go tomorrow. Then on Wednesday they have another 120 with Kirkstone pass thrown into the mix. I watch them come over the line and I just wonder when they’ll think about tomorrow- I suspect after the massage!


Day 3

June 14th, 2010

The boys looked much happier today, the sun was shining and they had a great run through Glencoe.

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