What a weekend! – the build up

On Thursday I set of for the Alps. Early start from Wigan railway station into Euston round the corner jump on the Eurostar, Paris Nord pop across gay Pari jump on the TGV at Gard lyon arriving in Grenoble early evening with a simple van transfer up to Bourg D’Oisans tucked up in bed in our tents by 1030pm.

Next morning wow! It again is one of those moments when you step out side look around and remember what lifes about. Spectacular. A toodle into Bourge for breakfast, French patisserie another reason to live, then back to the campsite to assemble our carbon/titanium steeds. A quick 20mile pootle, and some lunch then up the mountain to register for Saturdays ride – this is where it slightly unravelled!

Why? well because it was at this point that reality kicked in. The drive up the 21 hairpin bends of Alp D’Heuz was terrifiying. Ramp after ramp going straight up the side of the mountain. 21 times I heard OMG, followed by silience it was huge. It causes you to revisit all your plans and doubt everything. but the reality is you can do nothing. So it’s off to bed full of apprehension for the next day.

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