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We’re Off!!!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Bags PackedThe morning of our departure is here. 4 blokes completely unorganised. Thank fully I have faired better than some. We need things like, insurance, licences, medical certifcates as well as the obvious passports. Last night saw some panicky emails “where do i get a medical certifcate from”. I think some quick purchases of wordart were made along with the colditz guide to producing documents!

Then it’s Eurostar and registering bags bigger than 85cm – what’s that all about. Plan A turn up and blag it!, Plan B panick!

Still it’s all an adventure

Sponsorship has been pretty poor, if you can do anything to help I would be very grateful. I got a card from the nurse at Alder Hey saying thanks to everyone (I’ll try and get Alison to scan it and post it)and confirming that your money reach her ward and wasn’t lost in the system.

Just for the record, every penny you donate goes to the charity. Last year on the End to End I talked to a number of riders who financed the adventure from raised funds with the balance going to there charity – this I think is pretty shabby, I would be doing the event anyway, so i pay. If I raise a tenner then great if its £3000 like last year then fantastic but it all go to the hospital.

What’s In Store

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

profil_MarmotteThis image should give you some idea what we’re up against. last year I believe that out of 7500 starters 2500 fell by the way side simply due to heat exhaustion! I have ridden a 100 miles in a day often and it definitely is hard, but this is something else. last year Ride Across Britain was daunting, but I found myself getting stronger as the days went on. This is many levels harder and is a 1 day shot. the potential for failure is much higher!

The Schedule

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Now then Team.

Your cuddly DS (director sportive) here.

Critical information as follows:

1. Rendezvous at St. Pancras ticket hall 11-45 am (latest) on Thursday 30th June. Good idea to bring passports

2. Train departs St. Pancras at 12-28. Sparkling conversation provided by the DS.

3. Train arrives in the capital city of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys at 15-50.

4. We transfer from Paris Nord to Paris Gare Lyon by luxury van at 15-55.

5. Train departs Gare Lyon at 16-38. More sparkling conversation.

6. We arrive at Grenoble (half decent rugby team – bxggxr (not much) all else) at 19-33.

7. We transfer (50km) from Grenoble to a camp site just outside Bourg D’Oisans by luxury van (hopefully a Mercedes Vito) driven in a God-like manner by a bald but perfectly formed man called Drive. We are in two “softie” tents that each sleep a family of four. They come with camp beds, bed linen, pillows and cooking facilities – bring a towel. Luxury.

8. Friday 1st July will be spent putting bikes together (unless you are called Anton or Steve – when you get Jim to do it), going for a little pootle and driving up Alpe D’Huez to register. I suggest that all passengers close their eyes on the ascent – bxxxdy (very) scary gradient.

9. Saturday 2nd July. LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! We kick some Garlic Munchers’ axxxs (bottoms) up their own hills.

10. Sunday 3rd July. A wonderfully comfortable transfer via luxury van back to Grenoble for a 12-05 departure. The whole team must now “Get On It” in the on-board cafe bar. A prize for the most cans of 1664 sunk before Paris.

11. Arrive Paris Gare Lyon at 15-13. Another luxury transfer to Gare Nord. Steak frites and a bloody good bottle of red (at or close to Gare Nord) – all steaks to be on the blue side of rare – no pxxfs (weaklings).

12. Depart Paris at 16-43. Head straight to the on-board bar for more 1664. Another prize for the most cans sunk before we arrive back in the capital city of God’s Own Country.

13. Arrive St. Pancras 17-59. Emotional/drunken farewells and return journeys on our rather inferior transport system to the bosoms of our long suffering families.