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The Tour of Wessex

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

The cannondale did get reaired in time for the Tour of Wessex. I collected it on the Friday and rode the 3 day event on the Saturday Sunday and Monday. This is easily the hardest sportive I have done. It’s great I got the bike back but 3 days in a new position is not ideal training, I just couldn’t get comfortable and must have went through 3 tubes of savlon and a tub of Assos cream.
350 over 3 days with some of the toughest climbing I’ve done. We might not have 20 mile alpine climbs in this country but we have some really ridiculous 1:5′s with cattle grids across them!
3 days in the saddle combined with those carb drinks saw me return to a whole world of pain which I have been told to stay away from on my blog. The upshot is I will not do carb drinks in future and have returned to nature with nuts and other normal drinks


Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

My beautiful Cannondale bike is knackered. It turns out it has a hairline crack along the bottom bracket!. technical boring stuff but the bottom line is that Cannondale have agreed to replace it under warranty. The only pronblem is getting it back for the tiur of Wessex!