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Day 3

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The boys looked much happier today, the sun was shining and they had a great run through Glencoe.

fort williammatt ant

Day 2

Monday, June 14th, 2010

If day 1 promised wind and rain with an improving forecast then all that Sunday had to offer that was different was no improving forecast, in fairness the wind had dropped.

This should have been a beautiful run but all day was a fight with constant rain and generally difficult conditions.

Now this is a little techy but we’ve been debating heavily on the need to pace ourselves. We’ve all done sportives before and 100 miles in a day is okay and we usually average around the 16.5mph over the course. So after due consideration we agreed to ride within ourselves as we have 9 days of this. Day 1 – 16.4mph into wind day 2 – 17.2mph it’s absolutely mad! But brilliant too I hope we do not blow up. I have never covered 104 miles this quickly before! Who needs a plan!

Discovered something new today. Never had a post sport massage before.

Wow, can those guys hurt you. Does this hurt? No! What about this?

Yelp! Then they say got it and proceed to stick fingers, knuckles and even elbows into the offending part. Turns out that as it my first ever visit they found lots of old niggles that needed attention. There must have been 15 beds in that tent and 15 blokes howling like hyenas. It’s a crazy sport. You crush yourself for 7 hours on the bike get back as fast as you can to avoid the massage queues (everything is fast becoming about queues here) just to be legally assaulted

Anyway another wet night and early morning visit to you know where!

Day 1

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Well it couldn’t have been a more difficult start we head across the north of Scotland along some spectacular beaches with huge waves breaking across the shore.

My own form was a little suspect, cycling throws up all sorts of quirks of the body and processing food is always high on the “reasons for not riding well!”

Anyway we eventually turned South and arrived at Kyle of Sutherland in good time and spirits

650 riders on a campsite clearly throws up lots of logistical issues and it has to be said Threshold have done a billiant job. However I’ve resorted to a 4am sortie to the little boys room to miss the queues rain and midges. This also cured day ones excuse! Result