Almost Ready

Hello All

The day is fast approaching. In fact I dropped my bike off at Burtonwood Services today with European Bike Couriers, £90 one way for the bike say 150 bikes on the lorry £13,500 and then the lorry does the return trip- another £13,500. I can get a lorry from Verl to Warrington for less than £2k somebody remind me why I am doing garage doors!!!!

Anyways enough of that- we have good news Emily is getting a new kidney early in July, I’ll let you all know how it goes. Today I came home and Matthew had a little surprise for me a card that everyone in his and Emily’s class had made for me. The pictures are attached.

Finally remember that you can follow the journey on my blog. I am not sure I’ve figured out the mobile technology but if it fails I’ll send pics and text to Ali and she’ll do the update.

Lastly (after finally I know) dig deep and support my cause – children, hospitals what more can I say

Oh actually there is one thing. Speaking to other cyclists handing their bikes in today they said they were raising for various charities and had raised £x amount after they had deducted the cost of the ride ????!!!!!??????!!!. Be clear every penny I have raised is going to Emily/Anderton School and ultimately to Alder Hey.  Hell Alder Hey would owe me money if I deducted the costs of this trip! Thanks again for all your support

Many thanks to everyone who’s supported me and donated to the charity your support is a real motivation. The link below is there for anyone who hasn’t got around to donating but wants to.

Thank you all in advance.

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