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Training Camp

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The May Day Bank holiday weekend saw us start the final training push. It was all the threes. Three riders, riding 3 days completing 300 miles. Tough going but we covered some beautiful countryside. Day one we travelled to Kendal by train then we cycled across Kirkstone Pass down into Patterdale. The reason we went to Patterdale was that on the challenge itself we will overnight here and face the climb from Patterdale to Windermere and we wanted to see if we had it in us. We did! Tough but what a thrill, then down the “struggle” on the otherside into Ambleside. Here we found 4 Teckentrup doors fitted to the Lake Districts busiest mountain resue centre. Chamberlain doors fitted these doors and you can see the picture attached- windows look amazing with the reflection of the sky in them. We then head straight down the A6 through Lancaster back to Bolton. On the second day we head northed again by bike through Longbridge to Slaidburn up over some great big hill to Higher Bentham and down into the strange land of the scarecrow festive a place called Wray! It was here I met Postman Pat!- again picture in the gallery We then turn back into Bowland and headed home via Clitheroe – have a look at a map it was mad! On day three we cycled and cycled and cycled and that’s all I can remember. So there you have it 300 miles and some beautiful countryside.

The final training weekend is in Oxford/Chilterns at the end of May i’ll let you know how it goes.

there seems to be a demand for more pictures of me in lycra – I’ll see what i can do – anything for charity!

One last thing that has left me pretty knocked out is your support and generosity with the donations that have been made. Thank you everyone and I promise not to let you down.