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Choosing a new garage door isn't as easy as it might seem at first thought, there's a lot to consider, not least safety, security and good looks. These, and many other things, are why we believe you you'll be wholly satisfied when you choose your new garage door from our range of CarTeck Sectional Garage Doors:

Is safety a concern?

If safety's important to you, you've come to the right place. A major consideration with choosing any new garage door is how it operates.

All GSW/GSA and GSH CarTeck sectional doors are designed to using extension springs concealed high up in solid, profiled trays with covers, safely out of the reach of little fingers. No parent has eyes in the back of their heads, so by hiding away anything that could attract curious young minds and questing fingers you can be confident that there's no danger to your little ones.

Naturally, all doors conform to European Safety Standard DIN EN 13241-1 and you'll be provided with detailed safety certificates demonstrating their adherence to this demanding European standard.

Do you play football?

No, CarTeck sectional doors will not improve your footballing skills or help your team win the premiership, but the sandwich composite construction of our doors is much more likely to repulse the everyday knocks and bumps that single skinned doors might show for years to come.

Does your house have an integral garage?

Many houses have the garage as part of the house. If your house does then a CarTeck GSW40 sectional garage door will offer you many benefits. For example the 40mm depth of insulation gives superb sound and thermal properties. The build-quality and the weight of the door means that you get almost silent operation. Think of a single skin up and over or even single skin sectional doors and how the panel resonates like the tight skin on a drum. The composite nature of a GSW 40 does away with the rattles you will have experienced with other doors.

Do you put your car in your garage?

If not, why not? Is it because the door is too difficult to operate? Is it because getting in and out of the car is a bit of a pain? Is it because in the dark you feel threatened and just want to be out of the car and straight indoors? You're not alone! But, your car is probably the second biggest purchase you have made after your house, yet most people leave it outside in all weathers and vulnerable to theft. Car insurance costs are reduced when you keep it in the garage overnight, and there'll be no more need to scrape off ice and snow in the winter too!

A motorized sectional garage door will offer you the convenience and security you require when putting your car into the garage. Operate the door from inside your car with the push of a button, a light comes on in the garage as the door slides open vertically.

Do you store bikes, etc in your garage?

Because a CarTeck sectional door lifts vertically and travels through a tight curve before settling horizontally within the garage door space very little of the side walls are lost from practical use like hanging bikes, ladders, gardening equipment, shelves, etc. In fact, there's often no reason why ladders can't be stored in the space above the door, giving you more room inside!

Would you like the effective length of your drive to be made longer?

If you currently have a swinging out 'up & over' or side hinged doors then you cannot park your car right up to the garage as you need to leave room to open the door. This may mean that your car's boot or even a second car's boot might be hanging over the pavement. Because a CarTeck sectional door lifts vertically you can park your car right up to the door, gaining those valuable inches and effectively lengthening your drive. This has been a surprise benefit for many of our clients, but one they frequently comment on!

Do you work in your garage?

If you do and you have trouble keeping your garage warm then a CarTeck GSW40 will help to reduce the heat loss because of its 40mm thick insulation. The impressive thermal values are quoted on each door and exceed insulation guidelines.

Do you live in a windy location?

All CarTeck doors have been tested and deliver an excellent result for people living in windy, exposed locations. The door certainly won't fail and the tight fit of the door does away with the rattling normally associated with single skin doors. The high quality of the seal all around the door further dampens down noise and the penetration of the elements.

Note: the bottom seal of the door will not counteract uneven surface finishes of the garage floor. Also if rain runs down a drive towards the garage, it is likely that this will also penetrate under the seal especially in occasions of high wind.

Looking to maximise the clear drive through opening of your garage?

The answer is probably yes. Cars have got bigger and wider, but it's not as easy to make your garage door opening follow suit! The great news is that when you chose a CarTeck sectional door no part of the operating gear will foul the opening, so maximising width available. Also due to our unique solution for configuring the door you can also get more drive through height than other doors on the market.

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