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Teckentrup Depo (UK) in Warrington and the Teckentrup factory in Germany

The Teckentrup Depot (UK)

The Sole UK Distributor of the CarTeck Sectional Garage Door Range

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The Teckentrup Depot (UK) was founded Jim Rodger in 2008. With over 20 years experience in the garage door industry, having been a senior manager and indeed director of the largest garage door manufacturer and fitter in the UK, Jim believes that his opinions on which doors are the best in the industry can be taken very seriously! But it's not only the quality of the doors he believes in. Jim and his team have a passion for excellent customer service and aftercare. It is this conviction and commitment that created a business that allows the Teckentrup Depot to bring garage doors to you in the way we believe meets your needs best.

Yes, it might seem a little strange to be so passionate about a garage door! But, only with passion do you get the commitment to doing everything right, to seeing things through the eyes of the customer and meeting every customer's requirements as if they were our own. Our customers place a lot of trust in us, and we take that very seriously.

Clearly the door itself is crucial to the package. Our understanding of the customers here in the UK is critical in taking this high quality German product and adapting it to meet the needs of consumers here, whilst losing none of the build quality associated with the manufacturer. This is exactly what we have done with the CarTeck range of Sectional Garage Doors and the Teckentrup Depot trading in Warrington, Cheshire. Please read on to find out more or contact Jim on 01925 924050 and hear the story for yourself.

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Teckentrup GmbH

Manufacturer of the CarTeck Sectional Garage Door

Teckentrup specialises in all types of door, from industrial to domestic, from entrance doors for theatres to acoustic doors in recording studios. The company is family owned and run with the third generation Kai Teckentrup currently at the helm.

Teckentrup currently has 2 factories and are building a third. They pride themselves on innovation and design. Every product is designed to exceed the relevant design and safety standards within its field. This applies to the fantastic range of Domestic Sectional Garage Doors known as CarTeck.

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